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A new generation solution – the machine translator supporting eight languages and 56 translation directions – has implemented the most advanced technologies. In our translator all possible translation directions are supported for all languages presented. This makes it easy-to-use and highly sought.

The unique features of the program provide high translation quality of documents, e-mails and Web-sites.

Pragma 6.x has a few product lines:

Business, Home, Net, Server

The packages are oriented on private and corporate users.

We give an opportunity for developers to use API to integrate our translator into Your applications.

Users may purchase a license with any chosen license validity period of the program. You can buy a program for 1 month. The minimum price for 1 month is  only $ 2. The licenses with  the unlimited validity period  are available as well.

Our free on-line translator is available on this website.

The program is distributed freely as a shareware. You may download it from our site.

Getting started with translator

After successful installation the program is ready to work right away. Interacting with the program is realized through an icon in the task bar.

The right mouse button activates a pop-up menu.
The left mouse key starts text translation.

It is necessary to activate the program if you have activation information, otherwise it will be suspended after expiration of trial period.

Icon in the Task Bar

Straight after the installation of Pragma 6.x its icon  appears on the Windows task bar "tray" near the clock . This icon is an access point in Pragma 6.x Monitor. The click on the icon with the left mouse key activates translation process in the active window of the application.

If you do not see the icon in the “tray” check if it is not hidden. Do this by pressing an arrow near the clock. Very often the icon “hides” there.

Pragma 6.x interacts with different Windows applications through the same icon in the task bar. This marks out our machine translator among the others.  It is easy-to-use, available and adaptable which makes Your work more pleasant and effective.
As menu structure is different in every application it will take some time to become familiar with program.
In Pragma program all is easier – one icon for any application!

Pop-up Menu of the Monitor

The click on the icon of the Pragma Monitor by the right mouse button initiates pop-up menu. All the basic program functions are displayed in this menu.

Pragma 6.x menu contains the followings items:

Fast Translation - opening a window of the fast translation. Translated text will be displayed in this window and also placed in the Clipboard.

Dictionary Corrector - starting utility for working with a user dictionary. It allows fixing, adding and deleting vocabulary entries.

Activation - switching to activation of the program. This menu item is present only in case if the program is not activated.

Options - parameters of the program can be viewed and/or tuned.

Check-up - testing all functions of the software for the capacity for work.

Updating - downloading of updates for the program modules, necessary dictionaries and their installation.

Exit - finish the work with Pragma Monitor.

About Program - general information about program version and used dictionaries.

Help - information help for work with the program.

Text translation

The mouse click on Pragma icon activates text translation in the active application. It may be document, web page, e-mail message or any other text information.

Translation in active application works in all applications.

Fast Translation

This mode is used for translation of content in different text windows. After starting Pragma Monitor menu Fast Translation window opens where the translated text will be displayed.

When the window of the Fast Translation is displayed on the screen, any saving of the selected text in the Clipboard (combination of the Ctrl+C keys) will run the translation and displaying the translated text in the window. The button "Translation" must be in the pushed state (by default). If the button "Copy" is pushed also the result of translation will be saved in the Clipboard.

The original language of the text is determined automatically. Translation direction and domain (topic of the text) is set in the status bar of the window:

It is also possible to translate separate words or phrases in the Fast Translation window if the "In Line" button is pushed.

Pragma 6.x structure

Pragma has a modular  architecture:

  • Basic module (obligatory)
  • English module
  • German module
  • French module
  • Latvian module
  • Russian module
  • Ukrainian module
  • Polish module
  • Kazakh module
  • domain-specific dictionary

Pragma package name depends on language modules included. The last number of the name is number of languages. For instance, Pragma 6.2 – includes two languages. It can be English-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian or any other language pair. Pragma 6.3 – includes three language modules and so on.

Additional domains are included in all Pragma products except Pragma Home.

Program activation

Pragma 6.x program activation  is available  on-line via Internet or off-line via filling in a form and activation key entering. The mode switching is done automatically – if a computer has Internet access, an on-line activation is initiated.

The license number and pin-code is indicated in the enclosed certificate.

If a computer  is not internet-connected off-line activation window opens automatically.

In this case You need to tell the Identification Code to the manager of Trident Software company. The manager will tell You Your Activation Key.

You can do it by telephone/fax  +380-44-250-95- 78 or e-mail


Easy translation with Pragma 6.x!

Eight languages and 56 translation directions.

You can translate a text in any application!

Minimum requirements:

  • Pentium-compatble processor with frequency not below 220 Mhz
  • ROM size is not less then 128 Mb
  • Available space on the hard disk 50 Mb
  • Video adapter - not critically.

Operating systems:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows Server 2003/2008

You can translate a text in any application by means of "Fast translation" function or in the application without changing of the document format (format, table, bullets and numbering, line spacing, page color and so on) in the folliwing applications:

Office applications:

  • Microsoft Office (97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)
  • OpenOffice 1.1 and higher
  • StarOffice 6.1 and higher


  • Outlook Express
  • MS Outlook (97/2000/XP/2003/2010)


Text editors


  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Netscape
  • SeaMonkey
  • Maxthon (ex MyIE2)
  • Flock
  • Fast Browser
  • GreenBrowser
  • Acoo Browser
  • AOL Browser
  • Crazy Browser
  • Deepnet Explorer
  • Enigma
  • iRider
  • Oligo
  • PhaseOut
  • Simpliciti Family Browser
  • SlimBrowser
  • Smart Explorer
  • Tablane Browser
  • Lolifox

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