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Getting started with translator

After successful installation the program is ready to work right away. Interacting with the program is realized through an icon in the task bar.

The right mouse button activates a pop-up menu.
The left mouse key starts text translation.

It is necessary to activate the program if you have activation information, otherwise it will be suspended after expiration of trial period.

Icon in the Task Bar

Straight after the installation of Pragma 6.x its icon  appears on the Windows task bar "tray" near the clock . This icon is an access point in Pragma 6.x Monitor. The click on the icon with the left mouse key activates translation process in the active window of the application.

If you do not see the icon in the “tray” check if it is not hidden. Do this by pressing an arrow near the clock. Very often the icon “hides” there.

Pragma 6.x interacts with different Windows applications through the same icon in the task bar. This marks out our machine translator among the others.  It is easy-to-use, available and adaptable which makes Your work more pleasant and effective.
As menu structure is different in every application it will take some time to become familiar with program.
In Pragma program all is easier – one icon for any application!

Pop-up Menu of the Monitor

The click on the icon of the Pragma Monitor by the right mouse button initiates pop-up menu. All the basic program functions are displayed in this menu.

Pragma 6.x menu contains the followings items:

Fast Translation - opening a window of the fast translation. Translated text will be displayed in this window and also placed in the Clipboard.

Dictionary Corrector - starting utility for working with a user dictionary. It allows fixing, adding and deleting vocabulary entries.

Activation - switching to activation of the program. This menu item is present only in case if the program is not activated.

Options - parameters of the program can be viewed and/or tuned.

Check-up - testing all functions of the software for the capacity for work.

Updating - downloading of updates for the program modules, necessary dictionaries and their installation.

Exit - finish the work with Pragma Monitor.

About Program - general information about program version and used dictionaries.

Help - information help for work with the program.

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