The online translator from all European languages development project has started. A new service was created by ten European leading linguistic software developers with the support of EU.


Investments in the project total about € 4 million.  Trident Software company, the only Ukrainian developer among project participants, is presented by its Lettish branch Trident MT.  The Linguistic Research Institute (Hungary), MorphoLogic (Hungary),   SYSTRAN (France), Linguatec (Germany), (Poland), SkyCode (Bulgaria), Amebis (Slovenia), Sunda (Finland) and PROMT (Germany/Russia) also take part in the development.

New service will give Internet users the opportunity to translate texts from and into all European languages. The organizers have tested the work of basic online translators and chosen the best variants for every language pair.

As a result a translator for every direction was found and for the most popular directions several translators were selected of the user’s own choice.


English (United Kingdom)Russian (CIS)Ukrainian (UA)

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