Pragma 6.x is a modular program and consists of the obligatory program module and eight language modules.

Combining different modules you can optimally configure the software according to your needs.

The product price is determined by few factors (chosen languages, kind and amount of licenses) and it can be calculated by the following calculator.



#1 larry jilk 2012-04-02 16:23
Hi I am considering starting a small home based business selling various products containing the name of a child translated into different scripts or alphabets such as Korean, Chinese, Herbrew, Japanese etc. The products would be coffee cups, child's bibs, posters, "T" shirts and so forth. The translation requirementds would be one name. Accuracy is not particularly important. I estimate between 100 and 500 names per month would have to be translated...into an avearage of 4/5 different alphabets. What should I do with Prgama 6.x? Use your translator on the web...and pay you for commercial use. Or purchase some software???? Help. Thanks. Larry Jilk
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